I am experiencing problems with my Raymarine Z290 SeaTalk to NMEA Bridge.

NAV6plus customers attempting to interface to Raymarine SeaTalk systems using a Raymarine Z290 SeaTalk to NMEA bridge may experience problems with the data contained within the RMB (recommended minimum navigation) sentence. Please ensure that you have the latest software from Raymarine in your Z290. Z290 Versions 6 and earlier (any Z290 unit purchased before May 2002) do not transmit the RMB sentence correctly which may result in one or more of the following symptoms on the NAV6plus:

  1. No cross track error (XTE).
  2. Incorrect closing speed.
  3. Incorrect range.
  4. Incorrect bearing.

Please contact your Raymarine dealer to obtain an update for your Z290.

Please note that the SeaTalk bridge does not convert all SeaTalk data elements to the NMEA equivalent. Please consult the user manual from your SeaTalk bridge which will indicate which data items you will be able to view on your NAV6plus.